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Introducing PrecisePRINT™ Laser Cartridges


  You may not know us yet, but PrecisePrint's OEM-compatible, new laser cartridges have

  earned the confidence of large and small businesses throughout the country. Our rigorous

  production standards and quality testing have made our compatibles the envy of our

  competition. Couple this with our exceptional attention to customer service, and you can see

  why we have developed great vending relationships with hundreds of clients. (click here to

  see a partial list). PrecisePrint's prices are typically 30%-50% below OEM prices. And even if

  you have already made the switch to an aftermarket product, we can still save you money

  while putting you into a superior cartridge line.




Q:  What brands does PrecisePrint build compatible cartridges for? 


A:  PrecisePrint manufactures compatibles for HP, Lexmark, Brother, Dell, Sharp and Canon.  We are also able to provide name-brand (OEM) cartridges from virtually every manufacturer.




Q:  Are these cartridges refilled or refurbished? 


A:  NO!  Unlike most industry competitors, PrecisePrint manufactures its compatibles using all new components at

our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Portage, Michigan.  All cartridges meet or exceed OEM specifications and are, therefore, functionally identical to OEMs.  Click here to visit PrecisePrint's corporate website.




Q:  Won't using compatibles alter or void the warranty on my printer(s)? 


A:  NO!  The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Law passed by Congress prohibits manufacturers from altering warranties based on the use of OEM-compatibles.  The HP printer service manual specifies, "The use of non-HP toner cartridges alone does not affect either your warranty or any maintenance contract you may have purchased."



Q:  What is the "failure rate" of PrecisePrint cartridges?


A:  We have a 22-year track record of an exceptionally low failure rate of 2.0% (By comparison, HP's

failure rate on its OEMs is about 1%).  And our no-questions-asked replacement policy sets our clients' minds at ease

in the rare event of a defective cartridge.



Simply put, we hope PrecisePrint cartridges will soon be your "cartridge of choice."  We would appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about slashing your budget without compromising print quality and reliability.  Our sales approach is simple:  No pressure, no hype, no strings attached!


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